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--Only $799.00 for a three day rental (staked).

--20' x 60' High Peak Frame Tent.

--Only $139 extra for any weights (per 3 days)

--Full set up and take down included in the price.

--Set up takes about three hours under normal conditions. 

--Tent is made by joining three 20' x 20' Frame Tents with rain gutters.

--Max occupancy of 144 people with chairs around 18 - 8' tables.

--Max occupancy of 240 people with rows of chairs and no tables.

--8' side height, 15' peak height

--Tent can go on any surface - please let us know if it will be on grass, blacktop, gravel, etc so we can bring the right equipment!

--Any portion of the tent must be at least 15' away from overhead power lines.

--We do offer a 20' x 80' Frame Tent and larger, just ask us!

--Remember to add sidewalls to your tent today!

Price: $799.00 per 4 / hrs.
Circuits needed: 0
Item Dimensions:
Space Needed:



  • 20x60-Set up on Hard or Mixed Surface20' x 60' High Peak Frame Tent:20x60-Set up on Hard or Mixed Surface1
  • 8' x 20' Solid Sidewall20' x 60' High Peak Frame Tent:8' x 20' Solid Sidewall1
    • Only $29.99 for a three day rental.
    • Add sidewalls to your tent today to protect from wind, rain, or too much sun on a hot day!
    • 8' x 20' Solid Sidewall
    • 4 sidewalls to enclose a 20' x 20' tent.
    • 6 sidewalls to enclose a 20' x 40' tent.
    • 8 sidewalls to enclose a 20' x 60' tent.
    • 10 sidewalls to enclose a 20' x 80' tent.
    • Set up price is included (there is no price difference if customer sets up themselves).
    • Sidewalls are different than real walls as they do sway, especially in winds over about 10 mph. They may only be staked down with bungees to prevent ripping of the fabric.

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20' x 60' High Peak Frame Tent

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