Additional Service(s)

First Delivery

If you would like to be the first delivery of the day (guaranteed to be on site by 10 am) then you can request this for just $29 more!

Sunday Delivery

Since we try to give our workers one day off a week if you would like Sunday delivery or pickup it will cost just an extra $29. If you would like Sunday delivery and pickup it will be an extra $49. Keep in mind all our prices are set for 3 day rentals, so we typically deliver on Friday and pickup Monday.

Damage Protection

Are you worried about taking full responsibility for thousands of dollars of items that you rent? Protect yourself by adding on Damage Protection for just 11% of the cost of the items you rent. If you rent a table for $9.50, the damage protection is just over $1 for that table. If the table is broken or damaged and you don’t have damage protection, you could end up paying well over $100 dollars – and that’s just for one table! Tents costs thousands of dollars to replace. Damage Protection is an affordable way to save you the stress and anxiety in the event of an unexpected storm or a wild party that leads to broken or damaged items.